Evano House | Business Club in Berlin
The birth of Evano

We, Sarah and Gerald, the founders of Evano, were looking for a beautiful place full of inspiring people. A community of authentic people who enjoy their lives and who don’t have to proof anything to anyone. People who are at peace with themselves and appreciate the good and open exchange with like-minded people.

Since we did not find such a place, we decided to create it for ourselves. With the clear vision to attract exact those inspiring personalities we enjoy spending time with. We wanted to make sure that all members share the same values.

All our members are selected by us and fit to the rest of the group. That’s the foundation of the first Evano House in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, which was opened in 2018. The place for inspiring people.

Evano House Berlin | The Member Club for inspiring personalities
Evano House Berlin | The Member Club for inspiring personalities
Sarah Dorweiler & Gerald Reimertz, Founders of Evano House

It is our goal to spread the extraordinary spirit of our community to the world and to create more inspiring places like Evano House Berlin. If you like our mission and want to be a part of our group of inspiring people, feel free to apply as a guest to one of our Evano Lounges.